Platform van de universiteitsbibliotheken, de Koninklijke bibliotheek en het NIWI


UKB is the Dutch consortium of the thirteen university libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands. UKB's Ambitions 2017-2020 outlines these key policy objectives:

Improve delivery of content:

  • jointly acquire content which is not available or easily accessible on the open internet;
  • jointly develop a publication infrastructure for the scientific output of the institutions;
  • jointly promote publication with open access;
  • jointly deal with imminent collection budget deficits.

Enhance the infrastructure for discovery and delivery:

  • jointly develop an efficient, integrated infrastructure for discovery and access, including both open and restricted information resources.

Support e-research and e-learning:

  • jointly develop facilities for e-learning
  • jointly develop facilities for e-science: storage, publication and valorisation of research output.

Board of Directors
Executive Committee


UKB - samenwerkingsverband van Nederlandse universiteitsbibliotheken en de Koninklijke Bibliotheek.